Boosting Cart Value and Inspiring Cooking with Coop Sweden's Smart Recipe Recommender

27 jul 2023

Fanny Höglund

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new feature, the Smart Recipe Recommender, in collaboration with our longstanding partner, Coop Sweden. With the Smart Recipe Recommender, Northfork aims to enhance the personalized and inspiring on-site experience for shoppers by automatically suggesting recipes based on the products they are interested in.

Research has demonstrated that shopping carts containing recipes have a significantly higher value, up to 20%, compared to those without recipes. This functionality plays a crucial role in boosting the Average Order Value (AOV) and margins. By helping shoppers discover exciting meal ideas instead of solely focusing on individual products they favor, both shoppers and retailers benefit from this win-win situation.

The Smart Recipe Recommender builds upon the existing Discovery API, further expanding its capabilities.