With Northfork, we have made our products available through or own inspiring recipes, available to put straight into an online shopping cart. It simply makes it easier for our consumers

— Patrick Axzell, Sales Director at Orkla

Orkla’s challenge

Orkla’s consumer goods division produces brands in many fields, primarily in the Nordic European region, but also in other places, especially in the Central and Eastern European countries, Russia and the Baltic region. Among the companies owned by Orkla are Abba Seafood and Anamma.

The company’s strategic focus is on growth in its branded consumer goods operations.

Orkla wants to increase its presence in channels growing faster than traditional grocery. One channel with a substantial higher growth rate that traditional trade is online grocery. Having more than a hundred brands with websites and social channels connected, Orkla has the foundation for communicating to an audience of millions. Inspiring and talking to their audience is often done by putting their products in a relevant context – a recipe.

Recipes has the way to inspire and start a dialog with users. Orkla turned to Northfork to connect the millions of site visitors to invite them to a shopping experience, inorder to add visitor value and to be able to harvest data to develop tomorrows shelf winners.

Northfork’s solution.

Northfork proposed a full shopping experience on one Orkla domain as a start. The brand chosen is Abba Seafood www.abba.se. Recipes is a natural way to interact and direct traffic to the site. While on the site users could interact and be exposed to the shopping experience of the actual recipe, add more recipes, and shop individual products, before checking out on site. Using recipes as the foundation for interacting with Orkla products, Northfork supplied a set of widgets to be easily inserted on webpages. Widgets include, but are not limited to a menu/meal plan, buy buttons and a cart. This minimised complexity and start up time for Orkla.