Today is using Northfork’s lightweight widgets to deliver its new service. Fast and easy to integrate, the widgets provide grocery cart functionality on the Today site, rather than simply redirecting users to a supermarket site.

— Today, The crown jewel at NBCU

NBCU’s challenge.

How to commercialise static recipe content that is being used by millions each day. Connect it to a commerce experience directly on site.

Today is known as an innovator when it comes to engaging with audiences. Moving in to commerce with recipe shopping helps strengthen that connection with those who use Today websites, social media and TV. It now takes just a few clicks or taps to turn inspirational recipe content on Today into a bagful of fresh ingredients on the user’s doorstep. Today are partnering with Northfork and Walmart to level up the experience of browsing recipes online.

  • Service will allow consumers to shop directly on Today site
  • Lightweight Northfork widgets are delivering a seamless shopping experience
  • Orders will be fulfilled by Walmart