We rely on Northfork for recipe categorisation in real time based on the actual in store products stock.

— Erik Olsson, ICA

ICA’s challenge.

ICA AB, Sweden’s largest retailer, is a franchise structured company with one online platform for all their brick and mortar stores. ICA.se is, besides a portal to their online stores also a portal to Swedens most popular recipe site, ica.se/recept/, with over 17 000 recipes and millions of visitors each month. ICA wanted to use their online recipes site to drive traffic to the e-grocery platform. They needed to assure a smooth user experience whether the consumers were to shop at one of their smaller stores, ICA Nära, or from an ICA Supermarket with completely different product selection.

Northfork’s solution.

With over 200 different product selections and very little to no overlap we implemented the Smart Cart together with an availability check in the Discovery API. Every time a visitor would enter a recipe on ICA.se they would ask the Discovery API if all the ingredients were available right now in all stores, If they were, then a big BUY button would show on that recipe taking the visitor to a filled cart in the online store. If the visitor had a selected store through being signed in or through a cookie, then the button would only show only if all ingredient were available from that specific store.

Products used.

Smart cart

The Results.

We succeeded in turning ICA’s static recipe site to a dynamic shopping site driving traffic to their online grocery platform.

17 000
Recipes dynamically converted.
1 000 000
Visits per month.