Using Northfork will improve the experience on site and allow support shoppers with faster and better grocery shopping experiences.

—, the place to go for fresh groceries in the Netherlands

Ahold’s challenge.

Moving from an internal system to an external one always includes certain sensitivities. So how would Ahold move from an in-house built recipe shopping platform to a new system that future proof the experience with more features enhancements than ever would have been possible with internal resources.  Through an extensive research and qualification process Northfork came out on top.

Northfork’s solution.

Northfork proposed a pilot, to give Ahold the confidence that Northfork could match the wast recipe catalog with millions of ingredient rows with its ever changing online assortment.

For Northfork it only took three weeks to ingest all the recipe and product data into the Northfork system and then train the system in Dutch.

Training the system for new languages are always an exciting process for the Northfork team as nutritooniskts, recipe creators and chefs are an integrated part of training the system for local food traditions. To say the least Ahold were impressed that Northfork, as non-Dutch speakers, were able to deliver a system in flawless Dutch, with recipes that matched their assortment. 

Northfork power Ahold Delhaize backend recipe shopping through APIs.