Target deep connection with Northfork enables adding high converting traffic from external partners like Half Baked Harvest.

— Target, Expect More. Pay Less.

Target’s challenge.

Target wanted to increase conversion from incoming traffic that originated from values partners. The solution is a fully integrated recipe shopping experience on Target’s partner site.

This is how it works.
When a user adds a recipe to their cart, Northfork technology translates the recipe’s ingredients into a list of products available at Target. If the user adds a second recipe with some of the same ingredients, Northfork’s smart recipe engine automatically avoids duplication, so the shopper does not buy two bags of sugar, two cartons of milk and so on. The engine also automatically removes household staples from the cart and allows shoppers to add any item they need back in. Once a user is ready to check out, the recipe cart is pushed to Half Baked Harvest’s fulfilment partner – Target, which has over 2,000 stores across the US – who will process the transaction for pickup or delivery.

  • All partner recipes will be shoppable on mobile and web
  • Northfork’s widgets power the end-to-end shopping experience
  • Target will fulfill partner recipe shopping order