06 December, 2017

3 Reasons Why Walmart Can Crush Amazon’s Grocery Dreams

Erik Wallin
CEO at Northfork

…and the weapons retailers need to have to do so.

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The value reducing bottle necks is not only associated to shopping, but life!

So why do traditional grocery retailers have a bright future? Especially when shoppers are moving online with a much more complex and broad range of demands than ever before.

The first grocery retailer taking this seriously will succeed in personalizing the shopping experience and will be the one closing the Expectation Gap. They will be the meal kit killer and prevail in the online grocery battle. Even a behemoth like Amazon should shiver.

About the author

Erik Wallin
CEO at Northfork

Erik is co-founder of Northfork, he has a long experience of the grocery industry within marketing and sales. Before Northfork, Erik founded BagHitch a P2P transportation service.